MLK Lecture Series

MLK 2017 Series Keynote Emory Douglas

An artist, educator and human rights activist, Emory Douglas served as the Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from …

2016 MLK Series Keynote Ambassador Andrew Young

January 22nd, 2016. As the 2015-2016 MLK Series Keynote, civil rights activist and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Andrew Young speaks on facilitating change through the eradication of poverty, racism, and war.

MLK 2015/16 Guest Speaker Faith Finggold

As the last 2015|16 MLK Series Keynote, artist, activist, author, and teacher Faith Ringgold shares inspiring, humorous and very human stories illustrating her life’s work.

MLK 2015/16 Guest Speaker Tim Wise

October 19th, 2015. As the first of the 2015-16 MLK Series Lecturers, anti-racism author and activist Tim Wise speaks on Privilege and the Harms of Inequity.

MLK 2015 Series Keynote Danny Glover

January 30th, 2015. As the 2015 MLK Series Keynote, actor, producer, and humanitarian Danny Glover speaks on “Creativity and Democracy: Social Change Through the Arts”.

MLK 2014 Series Keynote Marian Wright Edelman 

January 29th, 2014. As the 2014 MLK Keynote, Marian Wright Edelman shares her thoughts on a creative endeavor, social change, and the urgency of advancing democracy.

MLK 2013 Series keynote Harry Belafonte

As the 2013 MLK Keynote, award-winning artist and social activist Harry Belafonte discusses the role of "Artist as Activist".

2012 MLK Series Keynote Angela Davis

This is the last 10 minutes of an hour-long talk. This is her conclusion... Dr. Angela Davis lectures about The Occupy Movement opening MLK Week at RISD. 1.23.12