“To conceive of the studio/classroom as a 'radical space of possibility' is to work with students to critique and redress the implied power dynamics in canonized or entrenched forms of knowledge and ways of seeing the world.”

Patricia Felisa Barbeito | Professor of American Literatures

Teaching & Learning Lab

RISD’s Teaching & Learning Lab offers interactive faculty workshops and development opportunities that support the Center's mission to cultivate inclusive and innovative curricula and pedagogies. We promote a culture of reflective teaching and ongoing faculty development by providing opportunity for sharing models for educational innovation; cross-institutional collaboration and dialogue; and a range of reference materials and resources.

Teaching & Learning Support

Resources to support syllabus and course design, including guidelines and recommendations for your first day of class. 

Explore the ways in which institutionalized knowledge is shaped by systemic power hierarchies, and/or engage marginalized and indigenous forms of knowledge. 

Explore pedagogies and practices that meaningfully engage a diverse range of student learning styles and thereby support their success.

Successful models used in collaborative travel, Kyobo, and Academic Enrichment funded courses.

Confidential consultations on a variety of career development issues, from preparing your dossier for promotion, to equitable practices for faculty evaluation as Department Head. 

A catalogue of our past workshops, including links to recordings and resources.

The Teaching & Learning Lab offers resources to support online and hybrid pedagogies that center student well-being and equitable and inclusive practices, active learning, and a critical engagement with digital platforms and technologies. Workshop recordings, a remote teaching statement of values, and other resources may be accessed on this page.


Akira Arita

1947 -

The Osaka-born, New York-based artist Akira Arita attended the Rhode Island School of Design from 1966 to 1970, and was an instructor of drawing at RISD from 1975 to 1981. 

SEI Faculty Workshops

The Center for Social Equity and Inclusion’s Teaching and Learning Lab workshops support faculty professional development and pedagogical innovation. Our schedule provides regular opportunity for the sharing and dissemination of practices aimed at creating inclusive and engaged classroom environments and supporting faculty in effectively addressing the needs of our students.

Explore our SEI Workshops

Who We Serve

Our programs and resources are available to all members of our community who are teaching or interested in further development in these areas.

Major initiatives and programming for the 2019-2020 academic year:

  • The Decolonial Teaching in Action program provides faculty-taught semester-long courses for faculty that focus on the theory and practice of decolonizing the curriculum and inclusive teaching.
  • Our workshop schedule provides regular opportunities for engaging pedagogical debates and addressing central concerns in the RISD classroom.
  • The Mentoring Communities Program brings together new and established faculty.

We also offer:

  • Confidential consultations – classroom observations and consultations on inclusive teaching and curricula.
  • resource library open to the RISD community.

* Funding support for SEI-related conferences and presentations, research and creative projects, and programming, please refer to the Resources page of this site.